Packing, Goodbyes, and a Blizzard

Mother Nature has decided to send us off with a bang.  A BLIZZARD!  It seems fitting that we shouldn’t be able to escape to 80F, sunny days without one last snow storm.  And this one is no joke.  Looks like I’ll be waking up to a foot of snow tomorrow morning.


Luckily we moved most of our things this last Thursday.  As of Wednesday evening, we were officially unemployed bums.  Rob’s really embracing the “bum lifestyle”.  I don’t think he’s changed clothes or shaved in a week.  Anyway…we rented a storage unit and a moving truck and moved about 95% of our things into the unit.  We managed to get by with a 10’x15′ unit, but it made for one challenging game of Tetris.

It was a little sad to see the last 4 years of our lives packed into a small storage unit, but we can’t help but be excited for our next adventure.

Because moving can be very traumatizing for dogs–especially Jaela who’s greatest fear is packing tape–the pups got to enjoy the day romping around with other dogs at daycare.  They were a little surprised to come home and see all of our stuff gone, but they are handling it pretty well.  I think they are just happy to be spending more time with us.  FullSizeRender_1

Saturday was beautiful!  Mid 60s and sunny.  We spent the day celebrating our last weekend in Denver with friends.  My Polaroid camera captured all of the shenanigans.  Saying goodbye is difficult, so we just have to convince all of these characters to visit us over the next year.

Last night Rob flew out to St. Petersburg, FL.  (I’m going to be very grumpy tomorrow when he sends me pictures in a tank top while I’m trying to walk the dogs in a foot of snow.)  He is meeting his dad there and they will be present for the survey and sea trail of the Pearson 39-2 we have under contract.  Fingers, toes, legs are all crossed in hopes that the boat surveys well.  Otherwise we might be unemployed, homeless, and boatless.  There’s no turning back now.  We are mid-leap and we have faith that we will land safe and sound (maybe some minor scratches).  FullSizeRender

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