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  1. Congratulations on all your progress. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of questions from people wondering how you got a boat from Denver, CO to the Caribbean (or maybe that’s a dumb landlubber type of question). Cool name. Looking forward to hearing about the future adventures when you set sail.

    1. Yes! The hailing port and Colorado flag on our mast have been quite the conversation starters already. Turns out there’s no real requirement for choosing your hailing port. It’s just one more identifier for your boat. We still think Denver is home–so it was an easy choice.

      1. We friends who have their boat home port in Winter Park CO. People often ask them how they sailed the boat to Florida. They tell them they bought it down the Colorado river 🙂 They usually get a blank look.

        How to see you out there one day soon

        Mark & Cindy
        s/v Cream Puff

  2. Well,,,,,,, that’s one season down and many more to go. Enjoy being land-lubbers for a while, soft beds, hot showers with and endless supply of hot water and best of all a flat level surface underfoot but the next season isn’t THAT far away and there are so many more adventures ahead of you yet. Enjoy your break but I’m looking forward to reading more of your blogs and following your travels.

    1. Thanks Glen! We’re also very excited for next season, but will enjoy the comforts of land life until then!

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